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Introduction of - Promoting Job Seekers in a Tough Job Market


Imagine having perspective employers listening to your accomplishments in a professional audio recording of an interview with you?  Let your oral description of your capabilities attract employers such that they seek to speak with you!  


“What an effective service in my job search!... 

My interview and the reference interview are very effective tools!

 I post my linkedinterview at networking and job sites and I get noticed!”

  Therese Schustrich - Client  < Click to listen


Business System Technologies Corporation has launched services offer jobseekers the benefit of recording a professional interview over the telephone to promote their job search.  The audio interview is hosted with an internet link for listening by hiring leadership. 

“As a Sales Professional, I find LinkedInterviews to be an effective marketing tool.”

  Jon Von Bartheld - Client  <Click to Listen


Jobseekers who purchase the service, first discuss their job-search objectives as well as the expectations of audience they need to impress. Accomplishments from the jobseeker’s work history are considered for inclusion in the interview to best attract the interest of perspective employers for roles most desired.   An interview of approximately five minutes is recorded and hosted along with a web landing page that includes other internet links chosen by the jobseeker’s such as a link to a resume.


“It works as an efficient and effective tool to communicate my suitability as an Accountant.

 My link is on top of my resume.” Paul Valenti - Client  < Click to Listen services also offer the optional ability to record employment reference interviews conducted by staff.  References add a credibility dimension to the job search tool set.  Value is gained by both the candidate and the perspective employer as more information becomes available to help in the selection process.



“My LinkedInterview supports my Project Management job search well. 

Perspective employers gain more incite on my value by hearing a concise interview”

 Mark Csernica – Client < Click to listen



The standard audio interview service is being offered at an introductory rate of $250 for a limited time, including a hosted 5 minute interview preparation discussion, telephone recording session, editing, review process, hosting the interview and landing page for one year.  Recording of references or other related services can be added for a reasonable incremental fee. Call 732-671-0589 for more information or visit


“We have been using recorded audio interviews in our executive search business for many years,

 as an effective tool for our client employers.  An audio interview in is an efficient, value-based tool to communicate and

attract interest for a face-to-face interview…”  Al Siano - President < Click to Listen is part of Business System Technologies Corporation, established in 1991.  The firm also provides Talent Acquisition Recruiting services for permanent employees as well as temporary staffing.  Call 732-671-0589 for more information, M-F 8:00am–5:00pm Eastern Time USA.